Description: This design provided many challenges in the way of a difficult sloping site atop an expansive sandstone foundation embedded throughout the site. The house, in its original state, was disconnected from the lower portion and entry from the sloping rear yard to the upper back of the site. The design had to focus on developing a terraced built form; with the ability to connect the upper and lower portions of living area; all whilst new roof forms enhance views to the trees outside and expansive views towards Rozelle and the local Art School grounds. The cross directional openness of the design allows the breeze up the valley to enter the home through cross ventilation and passive design. The palette of materials is both simple but designed with sophistication and attention to detail.

Specifications: Painted FC Weatherboard Cladding, V Groove Internal Linings, Exposed Painted Rafters, Blackbutt Flooring

Builder: E-Construct Consulting

Photographer: Magnus Agren Photography