Queens Park Courtyard House

Description: A new steel and glass box was built and nestled in the middle of an original c.1850’s sandstock shell. The main challenge of this site was in the architectural relationship where a new and functional space could be utilised within the old and tight site constraints. The external envelope of off form concrete and timber cladding protects and preserves heritage elements; found internally throughout the residence. The original sandstock side wall was kept as an imprint within a new burnished concrete slab and the original fireplace re-contextualised as an external wood fire. Bringing light into this house was also a central challenge resulting in the central courtyard-based design.

Specifications: Original c1850’s Sandstock walls, Burnished Concrete floor, Exposed Steel Structure, Custom Steel and Timber stair, UPVC doors, Spotted Gum Decking, Western Red Cedar Cladding.

Builder: Owner-Builder

Photographer: Magnus Agren Photography