Description: This project began with the task of reviving a deceased estate; with bones of period features but with all elements of the existing house in a neglectful state. All original features such as high ceilings and ornate decorative elements were restored beautifully whilst juxtaposing a new industrial renovation to the rear; with additional rear Mews construction to the lane way. The project features bespoke custom joinery throughout in collaboration with Mr Waller interiors; with thoughtful and timeless joinery to all aspects of the dwelling with custom welded joinery and modern colour palettes. The use of steel and zinc provide a strong design contrast to the original period quality of the former house; whilst providing an architecturally elegant space to the rear.

Specifications: Standing Seam Zinc Cladding, Custom Steel Doors and Windows, Exposed Steel Structure, Stained Kauri Flooring, Exposed Brickwork

Photographer: Magnus Agren Photography